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Acclaim for The Michael Neill Series:

“... intense and simply excellent... a virtual tsunami of action, heroism, tension and suspense...”
      — • Finalist, Lime Award for Excellence in Fiction

“... with heroes to root for and villains to be despised, (readers) will be mesmerized...”

Red Sky at Morning


When Marine Lieutenant Michael Neill is ordered to the former Soviet Union, his assignment is to verify nuclear disarmament. But before his mission begins, an American reconnaissance plane is attacked by a Russian fighter, and a Navy pilot is killed. After the incident, Neill’s mission changes. Willis Avery, the President’s National Security Advisor, wants Lieutenant Neill to investigate Russian stealth technology, in addition to his original assignment. Photographic evidence—and the lack of radar images of the attacking aircraft—lead the American intelligence community to conclude that something new has been developed in the skies over Russia. Avery believes that Neill’s friendship with a high-ranking officer in the Ukrainian Air Force is the key to establishing Red Sky at Morning—the existence of new aviation technology that could upset the balance of power between East and West. However, ultra-nationalist forces are at work. After arriving in Eastern Europe, Neill quickly uncovers a conspiracy of terrorism secretly instigated by the Kremlin. Government leaders in Moscow will stop at nothing to rebuild the Soviet Union as they try to force the breakaway republics back into the fold. Neill discovers that the terrorism has extended to the weapons facility he is charged with inspecting. Communist agents have gone far beyond their original orders, and it’s a race against time as the Marine—with the help of a beautiful Ukrainian journalist—tries to stop them—and come up with a plan to bring down the corrupt government officials in Moscow.

Tempest of Fire


Somalia has split in two, with armed insurgents threatening American lives. China has emerged as a leading arms exporter, supplying weapons to Third World nations. But before National Security Advisor Willis Avery can deal with either danger, he faces a new challenge On her maiden voyage, Beijing’s newest and most advanced nuclear submarine is destroyed by a weapon of unimaginable power. While the loss of the sub is kept secret, America and her allies want to know what happened. Avery believes a renegade faction of China’s Navy is behind the attack, striking from a secret naval facility in the South China Sea, and assembles a group to investigate. Leading the mission is Marine Corps Lieutenant Michael Neill. Fresh from his assignment in the Ukraine, Neill and his team, with a little help from British Intelligence and the Royal Navy, must find a way to locate the weapon before it is deployed again. Along the way, they must stop a Chinese Admiral who plans on seizing control of an independent Taiwan. Neill’s squad is aided by a mysterious informant, but is he baiting them into a trap?

Trinity Icon


Poland's past and present collide in an epic quest for peace and treasure.  In Central Europe, Poland has rejected plans for an anti-missile shield—until a threat from beyond their borders causes disaster. During testing, an Iranian ICBM veers off course with tragic results, and the Polish government turns to NATO—and the United States—for protection. With the defensive shield now back on the table, National Security Advisor Willis Avery envisions an even broader network of emplacements. His strategy depends on the cooperation of the breakaway states—and the help of Captain Michael Neill. Tasked as a liaison, it’s Neill’s job to convince the republics. He enlists the aid of an old friend, General Andrei Ulyanov—and, if he can keep her alive, dynamic and beautiful journalist Viktoriya Gavrilenko. The stage is set for increased tension when the Russians threaten an arms race. Avery is targeted, and along the way, Neill becomes caught up in the search for a lost religious icon, foretold by legend to restore the faith of a disheartened people . . .

Eye of Charybdis 


Two scientists. One wants to live.

The other—simply to die.


Summer, 1985; In the cold waters near Kamchatka, an incoherent, injured man—the lone survivor of catastrophe—is found adrift, and a Soviet naval officer is faced with a mystery, one that will echo into the future. In the present, planes have been knocked from the sky, victims of some unknown device, and near the Aleutian Islands, a relic from Russia’s past is found hidden beneath the waves. Is there some connection between these seemingly unrelated events? Marine Captain Michael Neill believes there is, and with scout sniper Nathan Crockett and Australian scientist Taylor Brisbane at his side, he sets off to defeat a new weapon—resurrected from the cold arsenals of the Soviet empire—to remove the veil of secrecy, and confront the EYE OF CHARYBDIS.

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